nutt2Well oh well. Yesterday, I listened to Scott Van Pelt's 10 minute brainstorm concerningJeremiah Masoli, and whether or not Masoli's acceptance at Ole Miss makes Houston Nutta 'certifiable' dirty coach. Van Pelt made it clear that Nutt's offer to Masoli to walk-on at TSUN, was indeed a 'desperate' move. Just weeks ago, Nutt answered with a simple "No", when asked about the possibilities of the former Duck suiting up as a Rebel in 2010. Anyone and everyone knows that "No",meant something. Just a few weeks later, Raymand Cotton's departure left the Rebels with just 2 scholarship QB's, and the once 'rejected' Masoli, was now a major consideration. Fast forward to this past Sunday at 5:30pm, and Masoli was a Rebel. There's no doubt the move was indeed 'desperate', and there's no doubt that the move may indeed benefit the Rebels greatly, but what does it say about Houston Nutt. Stewart Mandel had this to say in a recent article, calling out the Ole Miss coach: "This is, after all, the same man who hired a high school coach he didn't want just to keep a quarterback recruit he wound up losing anyway (Mitch Mustain); turned the practice of oversigning into such a farce that the SEC had to make up a rule just to curb him; and, just last year, welcomed another high-profile castoff with a checkered past only to watch him run afoul of the law again before playing a down with the Rebels (Jamar Hornsby)." Some articles have been written recently, in order to make Masoli appear as an innocent bystander. But to me, a lot of a person's identity is made up of the people a person surrounds themselves with. And, most of the time, you don't just get arrested and charged for nothing. Either way, this guy has lied to his former coaches, and to the police. Another RED FLAG that would have me running from Masoli, is his website (Link below). Now, I realize that players do a whole lot these days to advertise themselves, but Masoli's goes deeper. The kid even has a section on his site documenting media mistakes, citing references in which the QB was wrongly represented by the 'written' word. Now, if you happen to look at his page and read over these 14 media mistakes, it's clear to me that the kid is reaching. Not only that, but I wouldn't put it past him, that he's not already aligned with an agent. And by that, I mean an agent that is trying to save Masoli's reputation, by designing a website, that is filled with 'warm' and 'cudly' quotes about the kid, from everyone ranging from his grandmother to his high school coach. Anyway, if the kid isn't the person he has been made out to be, which stems from his own actions and the actions of his inner circle, why did Masoli say the following on his site? "I made a few very poor decisions in the past year, and I apologize to my family, friends and fans for them." Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, even the desperate likes of La Tech turned down Masoli, but Nutt didn't. Which confirms Stewart Mandel's comment about Houston, in saying "the definition of "dirty" seems to vary based on one's affiliation, but surely we can all agree on at least one designation: A dirty coach is willing to eschew his integrity if doing so might pay off in a couple more W's. He's not so much a winner as a survivalist."

So, is Houston Nutt a 'dirty' coach in your mind?

dooley2Another personality in the SEC that has been bothering me since Day 1, is Derek Dooley. Maybe its his lack of personality. As much as he is the most 'likeable' face that I will ever see walking the sidelines in Knoxville, I just don't get the hire, or some of his actions since taking the orange throne. The media is begging for the SEC and others to fall in love with Dooley, but the bait doesn't look that appealing to me. He is Vince Dooley's son...he worked 5 years under Saban at LSU...he was a head coach at La Tech...so what! I will credit that the guy is more respectable and maturer than Kiffin, at least he honors the tradition and history of the SEC, but I just don't see this guy winning at UT. On to the List: #1 Back in April, Dooley charged individual members of the media $50 a piece, in order to have access to spring practice. #2 I know that football coaches can't control what all if their players do in their free time, but for a new coach in the SEC, not to mention a new coach who is trying to clean up 2 years of allegations and keep the NCAA away from Knoxville, a bar room brawl is the last thing he needs. Makes me think that Dooley has some trouble connecting with this players. At least establishing what is acceptable and expected. #3 Last but not least, this Bryce Brown saga is ridiculous. I know Dooley might have his reasons for not releasing Brown, 'protecting the program', blah blah blah, but refusing to release a kid that doesn't want to be there, only hurts your future recruiting efforts and your present team. Brown may not be on the practice fields or in the classrooms, but he still has friends on the team. And those remaining ties, might possibly poison some of those players that are on the fence that Dooley is trying to get to buy into his system. This could end up meaning nothing, but why not make the safe play here, rather than trying to prove that UT has a pinch of 'institutional control'. I don't like 18 year old divas, but if a kid wants no part of my program, I don't want him wasting a scholarship, or my time. As for the 'cut from the same cloth as Saban' myth? I Don't think so. Today's young college football coaches, especially coaches that are new to a top conference, have to be bold, innovative, fresh-minded, and energetic. Such as that of Mullen, heck, maybe a dash of Kiffin (small dose). I don't sense any of that from Dooley. Instead, I think he's acting twice his age. Dooley has brought no energy at all to the UT program, completely missing out on the opportunity to do so. Sometimes acting professional or carrying yourself as an accomplished person, doesn't mean you are. I personally feel that his conservative approach on and off the field, will be his downfall in the end. If I had to compare Dooley to a coach, I'd have to say Sylvester Croom, but even Croom had more of an edge (in his earlier days at MSU). As much as I dislike UT, I think that Dooley's hire will hurt the program, and in the long run, hurt the strength of the SEC.

Your thoughts on Dooley?

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