relf2According to Dan Mullen, no one 'won' Tuesday's practice, which was the Bulldogs' last down on the Farm. On Practice: "We did a little bit more live stuff, going against each other, and when that happened I think we got sloppy. Execution suffered on both sides of the ball. It was a lot of game situation stuff. We’re done with all of our installations, we’re working specifics. We’ve got to get ready to play a game mentality so we did a lot of game situations. Sleepless Nights? "Because I have pretty high expectations for us. So if I see one thing that doesn’t look right it keeps me up at nights. But I love our effort. That’s one thing that I’ve always wanted to preach, that we’re going to have that team that always tries hard. And I think this is going to be another team that is going to give great effort. I just want to see us be a great execution team as well... ” On Michael Carr's Progress: He’s picked it up. I mean he’s still going to be behind everybody else a little but he’s improved. And I think he did work on his own, to the point where it wasn’t a huge shock. But he’s doing OK.” Carr's NCAA Clearing: "That’s huge for us, that’s two years in a row everybody that we’ve had a mathematical chance to get eligible has gotten eligible. That’s a great credit to Rockey Felker, and Bracky Brett and Steve Smith in our compliance office, as well as our coaches. And the kids have really worked. That’s what you want.”

Les Koenning on the QB Battle: "Competition has been great at the position and it’s made them all better. They’ve been getting after it and playing pretty well. We evaluate the film every day, in every way, and they’re doing a good job. It’s been a good deal for him. The good thing about Chris, he’s been through the offense for one year so he understands everything and how we want to do things. And it’s been very helpful for him. When you watch him, he’s done a really, really good job for us in the throwing game. We know he can run, and he’s improved in that area and that’s been very helpful for us. I really can see the difference in Chris this year, I can see his demeanor, I can see his leadership qualities, I can see his confidence. All of those are important parts to being successful. When you have some success it helps you, too. His last game he played he did a really nice job and we’ve just been feeding off that. Is Relf the Starter? "We really haven’t started working on opponents or anything like that. We’re getting our system in and finding out what we can do and what they can do. Then we’re going to go from there. Right now we’re still in camp, we’re still evaluating; going through the completions and the incompletions and everything. As soon as that is over with we’ll sit down, go through it, and have a plan for them for the rest of the year." On Russell: "Tyler has done a really good job. So we’re excited about the outcome of that position and hopefully we keep improving. Just like in high school for Tyler and Chris, they were the best guys on the team. Now you have all three competing which has made it easier for me. Because you can walk in the meeting room and feel the pressure coming. It’s not the coaches putting the pressure on, it’s each other. They’re competing and it’s been really fun." On Dylan Favre: "Whatever he throws…whoever he throws to, he hits it. He doesn’t miss very often and as a quarterback that’s a great trait."  Any thoughts & comments?

Blog Question of the Day: What 'playing time' ratio or % between the QBs, will benefit MSU the most in 2010? I'd say Relf 60/40Russell. I think that Mullen and Koenning are too smart to not play which ever QB will fit the game plan for each game, but I think for Tyler's first year, the 60/40 split will benefit us and him in the long run. Your thoughts?

Yall probably know by now, that UT pulled out of their 2010-2011scheduled match ups with UNC. That's one of the most cowardly things I've ever heard of in college football. I mean, why did you schedule the games in the first place? Sounds to me like someone is scared. Want to know how something like this happens? Well, first and foremost, most schedulings are done years in advance. I have no doubt in my mind that 3 years ago, UT thought this was a good idea. After all, they 'were' at that point a competitive SEC team, looking to hook up with a 'decent' but not 'better' ACC team. 3 years later, UT A.D. Mike Hamilton re-evaluates where the two teams are, and cancels the deal. Way to go Mike, not only are you probably on your way out the door (probable last year), but you send a 'weaker' conference the message that "one of 'ours', is scared of one of 'theirs'." This only hurts the SEC. It doesn't kill us by any means, but it doesn't help. Hamilton is my IDIOT of the week. Better to lose a fight straight up, then walk away. Yall Agree? (Link)

What are yalls' thoughts on the chick Arkansas reporter who was fired for wearing the UF Gator hat while interviewing Petrino? Now she's defending herself. She's made 2 dumb decisions. #1 wearing the hat, #2 airing how she felt about her job on twitter. Link

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