jeremiah-masoliHey guys, just wanted to kick things off by posting my 2010College Football predictions. This is a roundtable discussion, set up by the South Carolina boys, over at the Leftoverhotdog.com. Many of us are just making our predictions public, and wanted to know what you guys thought as well. So, here we go, everything from Conference Champs, to your pick to win the Heisman.Here's mine...

I. Prediction to win each Conference:

  • ACC- VT
  • Big 10- The OSU
  • Big 12- Oklahoma
  • Big East- West Virginia
  • Conference USA- Houston
  • MAC- Temple
  • Mountain West-TCU
  • Pac 10- Oregon State
  • SEC- UF
  • Sun Belt- Troy
  • WAC- Boise State (Praying for Fresno State)

II. Preseason Heisman Choice:

  • Terrelle Pryor (OSU)- The media is always dying to hand something to Ohio State, and it will be his award to lose from the start. Pryor is an amazing talent, and really came into his own last season, especially during a Rose Bowl trouncing of favored Oregon.

III. Preseason 2010 BCS Champions

  • UF Gators- Link to my 2010 UF Preview & Prediction, which explains why I think the Gators will find their way back to the top.

Here's what the Subwaydomer thinks. (Notre Dame Blog) Link

As a Bulldog fan, I am quite concerned about Jeremiah Masoli's enrollment at Ole Miss. I've asked for yalls' opinions over the past few days, but here is mine. Masoli could personally SAVE Ole Miss. Now, what do I mean by that? First off, let me go ahead and get any idea of homerism out of the way. I realize that I love and write about an MSU team that finished 5-7 last year, and now I'm writing about and addressing an Ole Miss team that has had consecutive 9 win seasons, and Cotton Bowl victories. With all that aside, I feel that MSU has Ole Miss right where they want them. Mullen has re-energized the Maroon fanbase, he whipped Ole Miss in last year's Egg Bowl, he is recruiting like crazy, and it appears that MSU will dethrone Ole Miss possibly this year. On top of that, Ole Miss' Jevan Snead's early departure and Cotton's exit, leaves OM with 2 inexperienced QB's. A young Off. Line, hopes to lead what will be a run-heavy offense, and OM is starved for WR's. Besides the fact that OM's front 7 on D will be sufficient, there are question marks. Houston Nutt has never raised the level of any QB he has ever coached, to the 'next level'. When it comes to recruiting, Nutt has never had to battle an in-state school for recruits, and now he has to. His offenses are usually run centered, with some razzle-dazzle. It seems that this year, the razzle-dazzle will not be enough, and OM ends up a 7 win team. With those 7 wins, OM would be surpassed by MSU's decent 2010 season, the in-state recruiting war would favor State, and MSU enters 2011 with as much momentum as they entered 2010 with.  Enter:Jeremiah Masoli. Masoli entrance gives OM a completely different forecast and hopes. The incoming QB adds a duel threat to OM's offense, with a decent arm and a playmaker's feet. "IF" Masoli is in shape, and plays for the majority of the 2010 season, then the Rebels are automatically a 9 win or better team. OM would continue their streak of 9 win seasons, the recruiting edge might shift, and the potential to re-stock the shelves in Oxford would be there. I know one thing, this an extremely pivotal year in this rivalry. One thing that might benefit State and other SEC foes, is that Masoli will be trying to get in shape and conditioning,while trying to learn the Rebel offense at the same time. If he looks anything like he did in his court photos, Masoli better call Jared at Subway. Who knows, he may be in shape and ready to go, but I can't see how a kid who has had his future 'up in the air' for the past few months, would be physically ready for the SEC. Will say this, yall that know me, know I pull for Oregon when it comes to the Pac 10. Masoli was one of my favorite players to watch last year, but his actions over the past 6 months has made him one of my least favorite players. I always hope people can straighten their lives out, and get back on the right track. But this guy getting back on the right track for himself, could mean so much more for Ole Miss continuing their successful run.

Does Masoli, (if healthy) make Ole Miss immediately better? More wins with him at QB?masoli

Chris Low picks the 3 positions that the SEC is loaded at. Link

Lowalso writes about Ole Miss recruiting. It hinges on Masoli. Recruits aren't coming to a 7 win Reb team, with MSU on the rise. Link

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Here's a link on Masoli, if you want to pretend that he's not 'that bad' of a guy. Link

Tubbs,want his 2004 Auburn team to recieve the Nat'l Championship. I agree. Link

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That's all I got Crackuhs, have a great Friday....