The game of laying a bet may be played in various ways, and Bingo is obviously one of them. The best fact about Bingo is that this game is socially acceptable. It has also been chosen as the good alternative to raise funds at some charity affairs. Bingo has taken two major forms. One of them is the conventional type, where the gamers deal with papers that have imprinted numbers. The other one is the digital mode, wherein the numbers come out electronically. You may try online Bingo with UK free slots.

Bingo- Let’s have a look at its past

Bingo game had its origin in the sixteenth century when a kind of lottery was prevalent. The name of this lottery was Giuoco del Lotto, and the way in which this was played was quite same as that of Bingo.  In due course, this game kept on evolving and became popular in many nations. It was in the eighteenth century when the idea to use cards came up in France. At the same time, the tokens and a number call-out system was also introduced. During the early part of the 70s, the name- Bingo had been coined.

Again, during the decade of the 20s, H. Ward had taken an important initiative. He made the game regulated because this was played in many regions of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. Ward was also the foremost person, who had patented the word- Bingo. He wrote a book about the specific rules, which should be followed in playing the game. Gradually, Bingo turned out to be more popular. The games of that period were played with beans, cardboard pieces and stamps. Later, the game got two different versions. One of these is played with twelve cards, while the other one is with twenty-four cards.

How the modern rules of Bingo were created

The present Bingo rules have been laid by Edwin Lowe, an American player. At the same time, a math expert, C. Leffler created exceptional cards to play the game, in which the numbers had not been repeated. Within a very short time period, Carl created lots of cards. In general, this game was enjoyed in huge hallways and many players used to participate in it. Every player must purchase cards; they had to wait for their numbers. In fact, it occurs because of some drawing device. Whenever a participant finds that a card line has been covered he should yell out the word- Bingo. In this way, the champion gets the money.

Thus, whether you like to play Bingo online or in the traditional mode, it is better to know its history and origin. There’re several Bingo gaming sites, which allow you to take part in the game at any time.