Dogs win 6-5. 

Hats off to Devin Jones.  Talk about guts.  This kid has had a tough time the past few outings and has overcome some adversity.  But he comes in with his team down 5-0 and shuts down a very hot-hitting LSU team.  It was his performance that allowed the Dogs to nibble away at the lead and come back for one of the biggest wins of the season.

Once again, the Dogs showed a lot with this win.  They lose 17-1 yesterday and quickly find themselves down 5-0 tonight.  But they fought back.  That's what senior leadership does for you.

I think the key inning was the top of the 4th.  State scored with a homer in the bottom of the third and LSU immediately comes back with a scoring threat.  Man on third, sharp grounder to short and Ogden throws him out at the plate.  Next man hits a double down the line and State executes a perfect relay to throw another runner out at home.  Two outs at the plate and suddenly Dudy Noble wakes up.  Things seemed to turn around there.  The crowd comes alive and State's players just seemed to play with more of a swagger.  What a turn around.

So is State in the SEC tourney?  Everyone else seems to think TSUN has to lose one tomorrow or State has to win one more to clinch a berth.  I disagree.

Florida, SC, Vandy, Georgia and Bama are all in.  LSU is now officially out.

In the event of a multi-team tie, the first tiebreaker is the collective head to head among the tied teams.  The second tie breaker is record versus the division.  TSUN, Arky, Auburn and State are playing for the final three spots in the tourney.  The problem for TSUN is they have a terrible record against the West.  They haven't won a single series this year in the West.  Arkansas, Auburn, State all have multiple series wins in the West.  So any collective head to head scenario leaves TSUN out. 

However, should the Rebels sweep Arky then the hogs are out.  So I have yet to see any scenario that would eliminate the Dogs from the tourney.  If anyone can prove me wrong please do. 

Until then, I'm gonna go ahead and say that State has clinched a berth in the SEC tournament.  Now, win tomorrow and improve our seeding because we don't want to face Sonny Gray in game one.

Once again, let's hear it for Devin Jones.  The kid pitched a heckuva game.