Written by Brett Holloway | 26 January 2011

Derrick Milton Chooses MSU
I have a few sleepers on my list in this 2011 Class and Milton is one of them. Milton is a 3 Star RB, who spent his Senior year at Hargrave Military Academy to improve his academics. Milton is 5-11 and weighs just over 200 lbs, and has the tools to be a quality back. Quick feet, patient behind blockers, explosive even on weak side runs, quick to the edge, and has enough speed to pull away in the open. In his own words: "I liked Mississippi State from the beginning. When I went to the camp I really liked everything about it and then after spending the weekend down there it was just time. I·am not going to visit Tennessee this weekend. I am done with recruiting and I am committed to Mississippi State." Nice pick up for State! Welcome aboard Derrick.

Devaunte Sigler to Decide Today: Bulldog or Tiger?
Today is the day that Devaunte Sigler will decide between MSU and Auburn. Sigler is a 3 Star recruit and is ranked as the #44 DE in the country. Sigler 6-3 and weighs in at 250 lbs, with a 4.8- 40 time. "At Auburn and Mississippi State I feel like I am at home because of the environment and the people I am around there." Sigler will make the decision at his high school in Mobile. Hope to see ya in Maroon and White Devaunte!

Kevin McReynolds High on MSU
We'll see how things shake out, but after this weekend the #24 DE in the country (3 Star) was quite impressed with Mullen and MSU. He still has KSU, UCLA, Oregon, Maryland, and Syracuse on his list. He visits KSU on Thursday, but will announce his choice at the US vs The World game this weekend.

CJ Johnson to Sign with TSUN
Well boys, here we go again on the recruiting trail. Yesterday, Philly LB CJ Johnson, who was State's first commitment for this 2011 signing class (2009 verbal), made it known that he plans to sign with rival Ole Miss on Signing Day (Feb. 2). After a long commitment to MSU, it appeared that if anyone was going to steal away the state's #1 recruit when he re-opened his recruitment, it would be LSU. After 2 face to face visits with Johnson in the last 3 weeks, Les Miles and staff seemed somewhat confident in the relationship they had built with the Johnson family. MSU fans such as myself, were just holding out that CJ would choose the top program in Mississippi, and he'll just have to deal with the fact he didn't- every Thanksgiving weekend. Anyway, here's where I laugh, shake my head, and do my best to consider an 18 yr old's train of thought. You have to wonder how TSUN is recruiting so well, but I have to chalk this up to recruits having the opportunity to play immediately and some under-the-table dealings we'll probably never hear about. Sorry, I mean what home game could have possibly impressed a TSUN recruit this season? Was it the Auburn whooping, or the awesome loss to Jacksonville State? I know, it was that Homecoming win vs Lafeyette right? I'll go with "What are under-the-table dealings for $500 Alex!"

Tobias Singleton Faces Criminal Charges
Another TSUN recruit, Tobias Singleton, made the news yesterday as well, but let's just say it's not the kind of attention you want being drawn to your program. Singleton is facing possible criminal charges, after being accused of punching his ex-girlfriend and doing damage to her mother's car. At this time, Tobias' lawyer is claiming that the story is false and that the incident happened over a month ago. "Steve Montagnet, the attorney for Tobias Singleton, issued a statement a few minutes ago in which he says the names of Singleton and his family are being "disparaged" by the girlfriend. Montagnet says the incident grew from Singleton's intention to end the relationship, that the girlfriend escalated the incident by hitting Singleton's car with a tire jack. There are witness to confirm this, he said."- Parrish Alford (DJ)...The lawyer went on to add that "The girlfriend alleged that Tobias assaulted her and blamed the damage to her car on Tobias and his family. After observing the girl and conducting interviews, the police found there was no cause to arrest Tobias or any member of his family,”- (DJ)...Singleton who at one time was eyeing MSU, made his final decision to become a Rebel a few weeks ago on Nat'l TV. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.  idiot

Your thoughts on recruiting thus far?

On Milton, Sigler, and McReynolds?

CJ Johnson to TSUN? How's Nutt doing it?

MSU players did not necessarily turn heads at the Shrine Game. Link

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Written by Brett Holloway | 24 January 2011

MorrowOnce again, Rick Stansbury got out-coached. Once again, MSU got out-hustled and out-played. From a fan's perspective, one can't help but to question Stansbury's performance in light of how the 2010-2011 season has unfolded. Earlier this season, Stans lost back to back games by 20+ points for the first time in his career (VT and WSU). To start SEC play, State lost their SEC opener to Alabama by the worst deficit since 1996, in an SEC opener- another first for Stansbury. Against UGA on Saturday, another stat jumped off the final tally sheet, rebounds. 48-23...anyone? MSU who has been one of the better rebounding teams in the SEC for the past 13 seasons, suffered its' worst defeat on the boards during Stansbury's tenure (13 yrs). Throw in the fist fights in Hawaii, the catering to an extremely skilled but lazy Renardo Sidney, and play that has been anything but 'characteristic' of MSU Basketball, and you have something that appears to be crumbling. With that last statement in mind, the one thing that is and has been 'characterisitc' of a Rick Stansbury team is under-achieving teams and bad coaching. I've always been back and forth on how I feel about Rick, but I'm officially done with him. I like the guy, but State should have at least another Final 4 banner hanging from the rafters of the Hump by now, and would if another coach had access to all the talent that come through Starkville the last 13 years. People make the argument of considering what he has done for the program and I can understand that, but in the same way that Dan Mullen has asked us to change our mindsets about expectations surrounding our Football Program, it's time we do the same with our Basketball Program. Otherwise, here's what you can look forward to until Stansbury retires:

(1) Losing to inferior teams before SEC play starts, that cost you credibility in March.
(2) Finishing 1 to 3 games over .500 in SEC play, and barely winning or losing out on the West Title.
(3) Being out-coached on a nightly basis and failing to make adjustments.
(4) Losing BIG leads when the Dawgs actually have one. This year we haven't had a lead to lose.
(5) Invitations to the NIT, because of missing the Dance by one quality win or a poor resume' loss.
(6) Strong play in the SEC Tourney, which makes you question the play during the regular season.
(7) Maybe, just maybe an invite to the Dance, and losing in the 1st round.
(8) Extremely talented players, who's talent goes undeveloped and never see an NBA floor.
(9) The occasional big or surprising win that makes you second guess your feelings towards Stansbury.
(10) Being able to see everything that is wrong with this team from your couch, that Stans can't see from the court.

You Agree or Disagree?

I'm not going to dive into why we lost to UGA, but here's why we did in a few lines:
(1) Poor Decisions/Poor Rebounding- We take shots when no one is underneath the basket to rebound. When guys are present, their first tendency is to get back on D, rather than fight for a second chance on the possession. UGA had 12 second-chance points in the first half alone.
(2) Renardo Sidney is lazy- He doesn't box out and doesn't contest shots that require him moving towards a shooter. He gets away with standing still on D, tries to do too much when we are down, and his play-be it GOOD or BAD, effects the entire team. Why bust your rump, if the star player doesn't have to right? Btw, I hope he leaves after this year, because I've never been more annoyed by just looking at a player than him...Ok, Cousins and Wall. And I'm extremely happy that he isn't talking to the media. He has so much talent, but considering that he can make us immediately better or worse, is a scary asset that he brings come game time.
(3) Stansbury Out-coached- Why did we stay in the zone with UGA running a wide triangle on the perimeter, that stretched our ability to cover all 3 shooters in the 2-3, and leave the paint open for cuts and the probably the most talented big man in the SEC (Thompkins).
(4) Unselfish Beats Selfish Everytime- Like I said on Friday about UGA, they are unselfish and look for the extra pass. We jack up 3 pointers when we need 2, never take a charge, we don't win the loose ball, and hardly ever actually work for a basket. UGA and Bama do all of these things, and will win their respective Division Titles. Take notes Rick.

With all that said, we have 2 huge games this week. Vandy and UF will both visit Starkville (Thursday & Saturday), but don't be surprised if Stans somehow wins them both. Wouldn't that be just like Rick?

Joe Morrow Will Sign with MSU
After worrying the past few weeks about recruits jumping ship or de-committing, Mullen has reeled in PJ Jones and solidified the commitment of WR Joe Morrow. Morrow was one of a few that visited Starkville this past weekend, but many were wondering if Arkansas might win the recruit over in the coming days. But, Morrow had this to say after meeting with Mullen and some current Bulldogs: "He said he wanted me to be sure about my decision. I told him that I had been committed for like seven months and I am not going to change my mind in like ten days. I am going to be signing with Mississippi State on signing day." Morrow went on to speak highly of Coach Mirando and his player hosts over the short stay. "They all like Coach Mirando. They say he's young, but he's a real good coach. The Ocean Springs standout reports that he had several conversations with Coach Angelo Mirando during the weeks leading up the weekend and during his visit. Coach Mirando told me about my role in the offense and I really like him. He knows what he is talking about. He said that he is ready for me to get up there." Morrow is a 4 Star and is rated as the #30 WR nationally.

Welcome to the Bulldog Family Joe!

How big of a pick up is Morrow for Mullen's Offense in the near future?

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Written by Brett Holloway | 20 January 2011

dee-bostWell boys, Happy Friday to ya! Not too much to talk about today, but I did want to update you on a few things. So, let's get to it!

State Takes on UGA

Rick Stansbury's team, which is riding a 2 game winning streak, looks to continue their run of solid basketball vs UGA tomorrow. After an unusually strong start for UGA Basketball, the Bulldogs have battled their way to a 2-2 mark to start the SEC schedule. UGA has defeated UK and Ole Miss, and have fallen to Vandy and UT. Earlier this week, the Vols beat UGA with a shot at the buzzer, which could act as a positive or a negative for State. Did the Bulldogs show that they are vulnerable at home, or will they come out swinging to defend their home court? We'll find out, when State and UGA tip at 3 tomorrow. Here's a look at UGA's big dogs.

UGA 's Top Performers
Trey Thompkins- 17 ppg, 7 Reb
Travis Leslie- 14 ppg, 7 Reb
Gerald Robinson- 13 ppg, 3 Reb, 4 Ast
Jeremy Price- 7 ppg, 4 Reb

Stans has already mentioned placing on Kodi Agustus on Trey Thompkins, and I don't blame him. This will keep Sidney out of foul trouble and in my opinion not frustrate his game. Thompkins has quite a range in his game and is even stronger with his back against the basket in the paint. He is physical and wears down his opponents. Leslie has a great vertical, he is quick on the drive, and can shoot the 3. Price is UGA's 3rd leading scorer, but his ability to create for his teammates is key to the Dawgs success. If State can play solid D like they D in Oxford and against Auburn, they can win. UGA has perimeter shooters, but play an un-selfish scheme. They would much rather drive or work to get the ball to Thompkins for an 8 footer, than throw up a 3. If State can force shots from behind the line and keep UGA out of the paint, they have a great shot to win. But, which MSU Offense will show up? In my opinion, State will have to score 75 to win this one. UGA may fade down the stretch of the SEC road, but a win in Athens would count as a quality win at this point.

Your Thoughts?

Senior Dawgs & NFL Draft Rankings
Derek Sherrod, KJ Wright, Chris White,
and Pernel McPhee capped off their Senior season at MSU with a Gator Bowl victory over Michigan. Now, all of these Bulldogs are looking forward to possible futures in the NFL. CBSsports.com released their 2011 NFL Draft forecast, and here's where they have the former Bulldogs:
   Sherrod- #1 OT
   Wright- # 9 LB (Outside)
   White- #8 LB (Inside)
   McPhee- #11 DE

Man I'm gonna miss these guys. I have no doubt that they will give all they've got to play at the next level. Also, don't be alarmed by McPhee's ranking, this is a BIG year for DE's. I think Clemson's DE is going in the top 3.

MSU Recruiting Weekend

There are a number of verbal commits that are visiting Starkville this weekend, including:  #30 WR Joe Morrow, #35 OT James Maiden, #44 TE Daniel Knox, #69 TE Rufus Warren, 3 Star DE Barron Dixon, 3 Star CB Justin Cox, 3 Star WR Devin Fossleman, and 2 Star LB Bednarick McKinney. They might as well call this 3 Star Weekend, because every player that is visiting is a 3 Star, with the exception of Morrow (4) and McKinney (2). As for those who are visiting that are not committed to State, I have made a list for you. Personally, I really like the Milton kid
   Derrick Milton- 3 Star, RB, Offers: UT, MSU, Ole Miss, Memphis
   Xzavier Ward- 3 Star, #40 OT, Offers: Aub, UGA, MSU, Clem, GT, SC, UT, ND, NC State, UF, Bama
   Kevin McReynolds- 3 Star, #24 DT, Offers: KSU, Maryland, MSU, Oregon, UCLA
At this time, MSU is ranked #31 in Nat'l recruiting, but only 10thin the SEC. As we all know, everything is subject to change in between now and Signing Day. Chris Wilson spent some time with PJ Jones last night, who we talked about in the last post. CJ Johnson visits TSUN this weekend, but I don't think they have a shot to sign him. It's down to us and LSU in my book. Let's just see if Johnson ends up doing some recruiting for us in Oxford this weekend, like we heard he once would.

That's it boys! Have a great and safe weekend.

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Written by Brett Holloway | 18 January 2011

CJWell guys, what a slow week it has been in Starkville. There's literally nothing going on in God's Country. State doesn't play until Saturday when they face off against UGA in Athens. The recruiting trail is somewhat quiet, but we all know that the living rooms of kids all across the Southeast are full of some of the nation's top coaches. Like I said, there's nothing happening in Starkville...unless you consider that on Monday, it was made public that a Freshman MSU cheerleader posed for Playboy. Anyway, we are 'real' gentleman here on the blog, so we will move on to classier topics.

Starkville may be quiet, but Philadelphia, MS was not yesterday evening. Star LB and MSU commit- CJ Johnson was visited by Les Miles and 3 other LSU Def. Assistant Coaches. Johnson is a 4 Star and currently ranked as the 4th best LB in the country. From looking at the wording of Scout's story on the visit, it appears that MSU might have a reason to step up their game in pursuing the highly touted recruit. Vocabulary such as 'trust' and 'comfortable' was thrown around by Johnson, concerning his relationship and feelings towards Miles and the other accompanying staff. CJ even mentioned that the fact that LSU has hung with him throughout the recruiting process, has indeed made an impression. According to the report, Johnson said he still remains open to MSU, TSUN, and LSU. Don't expect a decision on this kid til Signing Day. (See more in Comments Section)

Will the visit from Miles hurt MSU's chances?

Scout.com and a few other recruiting outlets have an eye on what might be a 'sleeper' recruit, in WR Jontavious Carter. He is 6-4, 200 lbs, and as lanky as a player as you've ever seen. Apparently though, he is quite athletic despite his frame. He hails from Crisp County, GA and just completed his first year of playing high school football. His 40 time is clocked at 4.5, and he caught 49 passes for 650 yds and 7 TDs. He said, quote- 'he said', that recruiters from MSU, Auburn, Wake Forest, UF, and UGA might be offering soon. I haven't been able to find any video on the kid, so we'll have to see what surfaces.

Remember RB Montrell Conner, the stud recruit and ex-MSU player? He is in the middle of his own recruitment once again, and has offers from Oregon, La-Lafayette, La Tech, Cincy, and apparently UT and UNC are beginning to talk to him as well. TCU, Okl, and Auburn are starting to show interest as well. Still don't see why the kid left. I wish him well until he ends up on the opposite sideline.

And in Basketball news, 2 recently departed MSU players found new homes. TwanyBeckham will enroll at UK as a walk-on and Elgin Bailey signed with La-Lafayette. In fine print, that means that Beckham will never again turnover the ball in a Maroon and White uniform, which means I'm happy. I wish Bailey the best, always appreciated the effort and heart, but not the right hooks.

Is MSU better without them?

Keep in mind that State can do a lot for their March Madness stock, with some quality wins vs their next 3 opponents: UGA, Vandy, and UF. All 3 teams have an RPI of 38 or better, which would act as steriods for State's RPI (191).

That's all today boys!

Here's Chris Low's top SEC Football moments of the 2010-2011 season. MSU makes the list. Link

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Written by Brett Holloway | 16 January 2011

SidneyIf there's one thing Auburn's basketball team does well, it's play defense. The Tiger full court press forced MSU into 17 turnovers, but it would not be enough to cool the Bulldogs' hot shooting on Sunday afternoon. State shot 62% (31-50) from the floor and 41% from 3 (7-17). Despite Auburn's best effort to double team MSU PG Dee Bost, MSU was still able to find the open shooter-be it in the paint or from downtown. State jumped out to an 23-5 lead in the first 10 minutes, and would lead by as much as 25 during the match up. Though Auburn worked the game to 53-41 in the first 7 minutes if the 2nd Half, it wouldn't take the Bulldogs long to step on the gas once again. 11 different Dawgs found their way into the scoring column and State finished with 9 dunks (both season highs). I'm not going to spend a lot of time breaking this one down, mainly because this was not a 'huge' win for MSU, but rather an expected one. But, as always, I saw some things I liked and didn't.As for the things that I didn't like, I'll just go ahead and tell you. We still get lazy in the paint and give up too many baskets and our team needs to help Bost and Bryant when they get pressured and double-teamed.As for the likes...

Sidney Shines Again- 15 points is just a taste of what Sid can do, but it's nothing compared to his 25 point performance vs TSUN. But, with that said, he scored those 15 in just 22 minutes of play and found other ways to be a factor. Sid had 3 Ast, 6 Reb, 2 Stl, and 2 Blk. Sid's supporting cast was not ready for some of his touch passes in the paint vs TSUN, but this time around Augustus, Johnson, and Lewis played a more alert game. All 3 expected passes from Renardo and finished underneath. Sidney truly is an X-Factor, and continues to display his vast skill set.
Benock Shows Confidence-I'm starting to feel like a sports prophet, and if my last point, this point, and the one to follow doesn't convince you then...oh well. Anyway, last week I said that 'IF' Riley would realize that he is an important part of our Offense and take open shots when he had them, then he could give us somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 points a night. Benock shot the ball with confidence and finished with 11 points, on 4-5 shooting, which included a 3-4 mark behind the arc. He's hitting 43% from downtown...not bad, and Benock's defense is usually pretty strong.
Jalen Steele? Anyone...Anyone?- This kid is the next big thing at State. I've been arguing that he should play a whole lot more than Brian Bryant, and it's starting to show. He handles the rock with confidence in traffic and in the press and he knows when to pass and when to shoot. Those last 2 points means that he understands something that Bryant doesn't, and that's his role in the offense. Steele scored 9 points in a 2 minute span, and finished with 10 for the game. For a Freshman, Steele has a ton of poise and confidence. 
Wendell Lewis is Coming Along- It seemed that last season and the start of this season, Lewis somehow would 'fumble' the ball away. He'd get that lead pass, and then either lose the ball, make a poor pass, or not finish around the rim. Things seem to be changing for this youngster, as he continues to show some confidence in his abilities. If Lewis' play can continue to force turnovers and transition opportuities for State, he become a valuable bench player. I like what I'm seeing in 2011.
Ravern Johnson is BACK- Just last week, Johnson was leading the SEC in scoring, but had only scored 14 points in his last 2 games combined. Ray's strong 21 vs Auburn is the kind of game we need from him. Ray might be the most versatile scorer we have, with his ability to drive, pull up, and his 3 point shooting.

Top Performers
Ravern Johnson- 21 pts, 4 Reb, 2 Ast
Renardo Sidney- 15 pts, 6 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl, 2 Blk
Riley Benock- 11 pts, 2 Stl, 2 Ast
Dee Bost- 9 pts, 8 Ast, 3 Reb, 2 Stl
Jalen Steele- 10 pts, 2 Ast
Wendell Lewis- 4 pts, 3 Blk, 3 Reb

Recruiting Weekend
As yall know by now, this was a pretty big weekend for MSU as far as recruiting goes. Dan Mullen and his staff spent this weekend making the best possible impression they could on the visiting recruits, since it will be their final opportunity to host that particular line up of athletes. Though the weekend did not necessarily reel in any new commitments, it did solidify some recruits' feelings about Starkville and the Bulldog Football Program. OL Justin Malone (2 Star), RB Josh Robinson (3 Star) and S Kendrick Market (2 Star), said that this weekend strengthened their commitment to MSU. And, highly touted DL P.J. Jones stated that MSU was #1 on their list as of right now. He is till going to make his visits to Arkansas and Ole Miss, but stated that he might not even wait til signing day to commit officially to State, but rather after his visit to Fayetteville.

That's all I got today boys.
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Written by Brett Holloway | 13 January 2011

DeeIt was ugly. It was sloppy. It was hard-fought. It was a war. But most importantly, it was a huge win for Rick Stansbury's Bulldogs (9-7, 1-1). State topped their arch rival Ole Miss, 69-65 on Thursday night. The home crowd thought they were ready for Renardo Sidney's visit to Oxford, but as it turns out, the signs, boos, and chants were not enough to sidetrack the Sophomore. Sidney dropped 24 on the Rebels, showing excellent touch from everywhere on the floor. Sidney wasn't the only story of the night for MSU, as Dee Bost added 25 of his own in just his second game back. Ole Miss (12-5, 0-2) entered the game as winners of 4 of their last 5, while MSU had lost 5 of their last 6. Both rivals lost their SEC opener, State to Alabama and Ole Miss to Florida. The Rebels haven't had any trouble scoring this season (ranked 38th in Scoring), but were held to their 2nd lowest point total on the season (64). Ole Miss got yet another strong performance from Chris Warren, who matched Bost's 25, and Zack Graham added a timely 13.

The Rebels held a 7 point lead (30-23) with 2:45 to play in the 1st half, but Dee Bost put the Dawgs within 2 (34-32) with his 26 foot 3 pointer at the buzzer. After the Half, State took a 1 point lead (39-38) with just over 17 minutes to play. But, Ole Miss would once again stretch a their regained lead to 7 with just 9:50 to play (54-47). State fought to take back the lead at the 4:19 mark (61-60), but the lead would change hands 4 times until State finally took the lead for good, with 19 seconds left (66-64). Kodi Augustus was fouled on 2 consecutive inbounds plays for MSU and sunk a 4 of his free throws. With Kodi's clutch shooting from the charity stripe, the Bulldogs walked out of the Tad Pad (aka Sad Pad), with a 69-64 victory.

Dee Bost's Leadership- Dee was named the Team Captain earlier this week, and show why last night. Bost took smart shots, did his best to create scoring opportunities for his teammates (8 Assists), fought for rebounds (6 Rebs), cut off the passing lanes (3 Steals), and made his Free Throws (4-4). He still needs to be smarter with the ball at times, but few times have I seen a player shoot the ball as confidently as Dee did last night. His 3 before the half and driving lay up in the final minutes were clutch.
Sidney's Skill Set- Renardo showed us why he was so highly touted last night. He attacked the basket early on, and when the Rebs went to the double-team down low, he dominated with his mid-range jumper and the occasional 3 ball. Great touch from the FT line, which is rare for most big men. One thing our players have to start doing, is prepare for a pass from Sid. The kid is somewhat unselfish, and looks to dish the ball in double-team situations. The guy can pass, our Dawgs just have to keep their eyes up and expect a pass.
Kodi Augustus and Ravern Johnson's Character- Let's face it, neither player had a 'good' game. Both were cold shooting, but when it counted, these 2 Bulldog Veterans delivered. Ravern had two clutch 3's on the home stretch, one to keep the Dawgs in the game, and another to give the Dawgs a 61-60 lead late. Kodi struggled with 'butterfingers' the entire night, and responsible for 5 turnovers. But, his strong rebounding throughout the game, his physicality at the end, and his clutch FT shooting help seal the game for State.
Stansbury's Adjustments- I know that OM still made some 3's in the 2nd Half, but deepening the zone about 2 feet beyond the perimeter, forced OM to take deeper and more difficult 3 point shots. Nice coaching Stans (did I just say that?).
Great Shooting- The Bulldogs finished 49% on the night, 34% from 3 ('ok', not great), and 81% from the FT line (13-16). State shot 57% in the 2nd Half.

Weak on D- I know, I know, I'm used to seeing Varnado swatting shots and contesting anyone who enters the paint, but we are weak. The fact is, as good as Sid is on Offense, he slacks off on D. I can't tell you how many easy 5 foot jumpers, lay ups, and dunks we saw from OM last night. I know Sid didn't want to draw fouls on some of those, but he is going to get our other guys in foul trouble when he takes a play off. I could tell Kodi was not happy last night, when Sid just let guys go by and did nothing to try and catch up with the play. We are weak in the middle, and allow too many players to penetrate the middle of the floor when we are playing zone, which frees up someone for an open 3. Bost, Benock, and Johnson really struggle to anticipate and find their way around screens. Teams know that if they can hide their shooters behind a big man, our guys cannot fight through and contest the 3.
Brian Byant- In my opinion, he just doesn't look ready for SEC ball. I personally think that we will get more offensively and defensively from Jalen Steele. Bryant looks lost, and cannot create when a play breaks down. Steele can shoot the 3 and drive for 2 if we need it. I think he will get better, but as for right now bring in Steele.
Riley Benock's Second Guessing- Shoot the ball! Riley has to see himself as more of a part of this offense. The kid can flat out shoot, but doesn't anticipate getting the ball, and doesn't realize that he needs to take a shot. That leads to him throwing up a prayer the next time-to make up for the missed opportunities. Then out of nowhere, he buries a big 3? If we could finally get his confidence up, the kid could give us 12 a night.

What a great night overall. Nothing like walking into your rival's house- that they had packed for the first time this season just to beat you. The fact is, TSUN had their chance to finally beat State in basketball and couldn't. The Rebs came in as the better team on paper, but the Bulldogs overcame 19 turnovers and a somewhat hostile crowd, and came away with the 'W'. Btw, Stans is 19-6 all time vs TSUN, and that win continues our dominance over the Bears in Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Ever since the 2009 Egg Bowl, State has OWNED TSUN. Great feeling.

Anyway, your thoughts on this game and what it means for our season?

Agree or Disagree with me?

Your thoughts on Bost and Sidney? Start of something SPECIAL?

Barron Dixon Commits to MSU
In the middle of de-commits and players re-opening their recruitment from MSU to the field, Mullen and Coach Wilson pulled in a big one yesterday. Barron Dixon, not only shares 2 famous MSU names, but has all the tools to be a special part of the Bulldogs' future D. Dixon is rated as a 3 Star and is ranked as the #47 DE in the country. And, what I like the most about this kid, is that he is pumped to be a Bulldog! Dixon on his commitment: “I came to watch Mississippi State play Arkansas and I got a good feeling about them from that point on. It was a high-energy atmosphere at their stadium and you could see how supportive their fans are with this program. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play in front of that crowd and hear those cowbells? I loved that atmosphere and can’t wait to play for those fans. I can’t describe the feeling I have today. I get to go play for Coach Mullen and Coach Wilson and it doesn’t get any better than that. The stars just aligned right today and the stars have me going to Mississippi State to play for the Bulldogs.”

Welcome aboard Barron!

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Written by Brett Holloway | 12 January 2011

collins2One thing that we all assured ourselves of when Manny Diaz left for Texas, was that Dan Mullen has an eye for talent.

Yesterday, Mullen welcomed yet another top-notch young coach to his staff, in Geoff Collins. When you compare Mullen and Collins, one thing seems apparent. Immediate results. There's no doubt that Mullen has turned some heads in his first 2 seasons at MSU, and has won the praise of those in the camps of Miami, UF, and even Michigan. As for Collins, he·has shown the ability to step in and have that same type of immediate impact, wherever he has served as a coach. As you might know by now, Collins took Florida International's Defense which finished 100th in Total Defense in 2009, and transformed them into the 61st best Defense in the country. According to the Clarion Ledger's write up on Collins, his "defense led the Sun Belt in total defense, scoring defense, pass efficiency defense and turnover margin this season...The Panthers’ sack totals nearly doubled, and the pass defense improved from 108th nationally to 32nd in 2010." Results like that, caught the attention of Mullen, who said this about State's new Co-Def. Coordinator: "Geoff has shown the type of immediate impact he can bring to a defense by what he did at Florida International last season. He’s a smart young coach that has great experience, and he’ll bring the same kind of aggressive attitude and philosophy that we expect from our defense at Mississippi State.” Keep in mind that FIU went from a 3 win team in 2009, to a 7 win team in 2010. Collins had this to say about joining Mullen's staff: "I’m happy to be a part of the Mississippi State family and excited to work with coach Mullen and coach Wilson and the entire staff. It’s great to be joining a program that is growing and building and headed the right way like this one is, and I’m ready to hit the ground running.”

One thing that cannot go overlooked, is Collins' ability to recruit. Before coaching at FIU, he was on George O'Leary's staff at UCF, where he served as LBs coach and as the recruiting coordinator. The Knights are without a doubt seeing·and tasting the success of the recruiting classes he help build while Collins was there. The Knights won C-USA and topped off their 2010 season, with a win over UGA in the Liberty Bowl. And on a sidenote, Collins served at Alabama before all of this, as the Director of Player Personnel. Quite a strong resume' for a young coach. It appears as of now, that Mullen has found·the next·best kept secret in the Sun Belt. "The recommendations I've gotten on him, I know we're getting ourselves a quality coach, and we're not going to miss a beat. I expect us to be a better defense next year than we were this year."- Mullen

Here's a link to Collins' success at West Carolina. Link

Bulldogs vs Rebels Tonight
As we touched on yesterday, State takes (8-7) on Ole Miss (12-4) in Oxford tonight. HUGE game for the Dawgs morale-if you ask me. Dee Bost was chosen as a Team Captain by the team, and looks to bounce back from his spotty 14 point performance vs Bama. Not just Bost, but the entire team looks to get back to basics after a weak 8-7 start. Everyone is still boasting Rick Stansbury's 18-6 record vs TSUN and his ability to take his team on the road and win the SEC. We'll see. This could be yet another great match up between the 2 schools, or over at the half. I will say this, don't get down on the Bulldogs early, we have a tendency to fall behind early in Oxford, before taking control of the game. Either way, Go Dawgs! It'd be great to get back on track with a win over TSUN.

All Things Maroon App
We are big time here on the blog now! Look on the right side of the page, with the Droid logo, and download the our Blog's App for your android phone. Hopefully it will be available on Iphone soon. Pretty neat, I have to say. It appears that some of you guys already have, so thanks!

Les Miles just got an extension through 2017, and will rake in around $3.75 Million a year. Not bad.
Former MUS QB Barry Brunetti chooses Ole Miss. Does he fit the system?
Here's a look at the SEC's Recruiting breakdown, just 3 wks away from signing day. Once again, HOW is TSUN doing this? Link

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Written by Brett Holloway | 11 January 2011

Well boys, Monday night Auburn and Oregon closed the door on the 2010-2011 College Football season. It always feels like it takes forever for the season to finally arrive, but once it does it seems over in a flash. This year brought some interesting stories, ranging from Jeremiah Masoli's transfer to Ole Miss, Cam Newton's recruitment scandal, Boston College LB Mark Herzlich's return from cancer, Rutger's Eric Legrand, Urban Meyer's retirement, and TCU's run to the Rose Bowl. There was also the coaching carousel and the NCAA's inconsistent behavior related to their rulings, which were enough to make you vommit. Fun as always, right? Anyway...

MSU had quite the story of their own in 2010, going 9-4 (4-4 SEC), along with ending the season by dominating Michigan 52-14 in the Gator Bowl. Yesterday, the final AP and USA Today polls were released. MSU finished 15th in the AP and 17th in the USA. The rankings marked the first time since 2000 that State finished ranked and the first time since 1999that a Bulldog team finished in the Top 25. Chris Low has State finishing 5th in his final SEC Power Rankings, behind Arkansas and in front of South Carolina. I also saw where Mark Schlabach has State ranked 24th in his much too premature 2011 Preseason Rankings.

Ole Miss Hires David Lee
Just in case yall missed it on Monday, TSUN hired their next coach who will help Nutt destroy the careers of their QBs. David Lee, was brought in by Nutt from the Miami Dolphins in order to take over the Off. Coordiantor position. Lee has been juggling the likes of Chad Henne and Chad Pennington over the past few seasons, never really finding any consistency in either this past season. This will be Lee's 3rd time to coach with Nutt. He served as Nutt's OC at Arkansas (2007), then followed Nutt to Ole Miss after Houston was ran out of Fayetteville (end of 2007), but Lee took the job in Miami before ever coaching at TSUN. I just know that if I was coaching College Football, I wouldn't want to hire someone who looks like a Grandpaw. GIve me a young and energetic coach, full of passion and fire. Not Lee, in other words. Anyway, Nutt says 'CHANGE' is coming to the Rebel offense. We'll see...sorry to be critical, this guy is just OLD, probably out of touch with young players, and led UTEP to an 11-41 mark as a head coach at one time. dlee

Dawgs Prepare for Rebels
State and TSUN, both lost their SEC openers on this past Saturday. State fell to Bama 75-57, in the Dawgs' worst SEC home loss since 1996. The Rebs fell at UF, 77-71. The 2 rivals have defintely exchanged roles this season, as Ole Miss is clearly the better team, boasting a 12-4 record. State on the other hand, has limped to an 8-7 record and do not appear to be on their way to a once predicted SEC West crown. I was going to drive down to Oxford for the game, but after what State showed me on Saturday, I don't think it will be worth the gas money. Stansbury's team will come in riding a 3 game losing streak, but has owned the series vs the Rebs for many years. Andy Kennedy and the Rebels, are quite aware that Stans is bringing quite a vulnerable team into the Sad Pad tomorrow night. If State plays poorly, AK might put a little icing on the cake. This one could get ugly, and that's one phrase I never thought I'd utter about an MSU and TSUN basketball game. Anyway, Garry Parrish from CBS was interviewd by the CL's Brandon Marcello, and here's what he had to say about this season thus far:

Let’s be honest, if you just lose basketball games in Starkville, Miss., the nation really doesn’t care and really doesn’t notice. (Stansbury) may be taking heat in the state but it wouldn’t be anywhere outside the state. Yet, all of what he’s dealing with right now is a direct result of rolling the dice and doing something a lot of people chose not to do, and that’s enroll Renardo Sidney and invite the circus that comes along with that into town. I understand, at least on some level, why he would do it. Renardo is, even though he hasn’t shown it on the collegiate level, a super talented kid.

But, I said this a few weeks ago and it probably holds true: When your whole season is based upon relying on someone who has been unreliable, I think you sort of set yourself up for something like this to happen.

Can't say I disagree with him. Stansbury, said that Dee Bost and Sidney just need to get back in game shape, and that playing together more will make the Dawgs better. I sure hope so. This season feels like it's over, but just actually started. I know a lot of West and East teams that are licking their chops when they see our name on the schedule. Can this team rebound and make a run?

-Besides that guys, there's not much to report. Mullen was in Dallas yesterday, trying to find a replacement for Manny Diaz. Buzzard mentioned Shane Beamer last night as a possible replacement for Diaz. I worked with the same Bulldog Defense as Shane, and I can tell you he is a class act. A great guy, a passionate coach, and the players love him. Lildawg who post on here at times worked with him. Shane is a student of the game, and would bring eveyrthing Mullen and the fanbase would want him to bring to the table.
-Tobias Singleton has decided to not make his visit to State, due to the reaction of Bulldog fans to his de-commitment. Hello, what did you expect?
-Les Miles is staying at LSU, despite the offer from Michigan. Some are saying that UM can now change their name to Missedagain.

So, what was the biggest story of the College Football season to you (besides MSU) ?

Will Nutt hiring Lee be just what the Rebs need, or is it a bad hire?

Can the Bulldogs rebound and finish the season strong. starting with Ole Miss?
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Written by Brett Holloway | 11 January 2011

Hey guys! On a day in which I only planned to not post, and avoid talking about Auburn's title run, other news emerged and I wanted to provide yall the place to discuss and debate those happenings. So, home on another snow day, I was able to get this up quick...

Tuesday's talking points:

(1)Les Miles was expected to meet with Michigan on today according to ESPN's Joe Shadd, but turns out that he met with them yesterday. Many are saying that Miles will take the job at his alma mater if offered.

(2) Even though Auburn's AD Jay Jacobs made yet another political move- in making Cecil Newton stay at home for yet another big game in his son's life (other was SEC Championship game), Cecil was still in attendance. There are pictures to prove it.

(3) After Dan Mullen·and MSU's 9-4 2010-2011 season, the Bulldogs finished 17th in the coaches poll and 15th in the AP poll. So why are kids by-passing State again?

-WIll Miles Stay or GO?
-Is Jacobs and Auburn trying to hide something? Are they aware that something is on the horizon and are they trying to minimize the damage?
-How about them Dawgs! no comments

Written by Brett Holloway | 10 January 2011

rick_stansThe date was October 13, 2001...ring a bell? To spare you the research, it was a day when a MSU team took the field against an inferior team, suffered a terrible loss, but most importantly that very game signaled the beginning of the end. State had fell to Troy State on Homecoming, 21-9, and Jackie Sherril could only watch the madness unfold, while realizing he could do nothing and that he had lost control of what he once built. I fear that the same has happened to Rick Stansbury and the MSU Basketball team. The Tide handed MSU their worst SEC home loss since 1996. If losses to Florida Atlantic, East TN State, and Hawaii were not enough, losing by 20 or more to the 4th quality opponent they've faced says it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that Alabama usually has a competitve team and that our annual match ups on the hard wood are always ugly, physical, hard-fought affairs, but you cannot tell me that they have more talent on their team than MSU does. And, that brings me to my next point, which is that Bama has a solid head coach and the Bulldogs do not. Whether it's coming out of a time out and setting up a play, overall game planning, or developing talent, Rick Stansbury just doesn't have it. If there was a time that he did have those tools, he has since lost them.

Anyway, here's the part where I act as if I know everything about sports and you get to agree with me or disagree with me. Here's how we lost to Bama on Saturday afternoon:

BTW, it's teams that do the small things that win. Taking smart shots, scrapping for loose balls, boxing out for rebounds, contesting shots, helping on the back side, and taking away the passing and driving lanes. I didn't see any of this from the Dawgs, but saw it the entire game from the Tide. I'm not going to touch on all of these, but just a few that were sorely lacking in our team's effort vs Bama.

(1) Taking Bad Shots: I can't tell you how many times I saw us throw up a 3-point shot without any help under the basket to rebound. I'd have to say that Ravern, Dee, Kodi, and Jalen did this on 10 of the 24 attempts from behind the arc on Saturday. If you are shooting that many shots without a rebounder present, then that right there has to make it evident that you are rushing a shot. The last 3 seasons, Stansbury has implemented the Live by the 3/ Die by the 3 mentality, but it will never work until our guys learn to find the open shooter, put aside their selfishness, and stop trying to be the hero. We will not start winning, until our guys find it in themselves to work the perimeter and make that extra pass. I also saw Renardo Sidney trying to answer JaMychal Green a few times as well, after he got schooled on the other half of the court. He was unsuccessful in doing so, and his tit-for-tat style ego cost us at least 3 possessions. Unselfish play goes a long way in basketball...just ask a team like St. Mary's.

(2) Poor Defense, No Help on the Back Side, & Not Taking Away the Lanes: As I've always said, if you allow someone to shoot anywhere close to 50%, you are either playing a team on fire or you are not playing D and contesting shots. Thanks to some lazy D by State, Bama shot 49.2% from the field on the night. Just in case you haven't checked the stats, Bama had 15 lay ups. It did not take long for the Tide and Coach Grant to realize that State was not going to fight there way around ball screens to find their man, and that left open cuts to the basket all day. Not only that, but it seemed that no one was willing to help out on D when a Crimson jersey made their way into the paint. It's sickening to watch the opposing team take easy shots in the paint, in our house. Hats off to Dee Bost, who was the only person to physically challenge a lay up or dunk. He pretty much flagrantly fouled Green (twice his size) on his dunk attempt.

(3) No Energy: The crowd and atmosphere sucked, but then again I'm not sure that the Dawgs gave them anything to cheer about. The fact is, Dee Bost was the only spark of energy this team has. He did try to do too much on Saturday, but what can you expect from a guy that's been pinned up for the first 14 games? Even though his 14 points were scattered, at least Dee followed his shots, played some D, and tried to get the crowd into the game. Ravern Johnson had become the team's emotional leader through Dee's suspension, but now that Bost has returned, Johnson has slipped back into his quiet role. Sidney plays for himself, Benock is not a rah-rah kind of guy, and I can only see Kodi as the other guy who tries to pick up the team's energy by his play. To me, the ONLY positive of the day was the play of Wendell Lewis. Saturday was the only time that I've seen him fight and finish around the basket, not turn the ball over, and play solid D. We might be seeing the emergence of a new addition that this team greatly needs, an inside presence. Another thing our guys can do to chip away at leads and keep themselves in games, is to simply make their FT's. 10 of 20 isn't going to cut it against anybody. Then again, poor FT shooting has always been a charateristic of Stansbury teams.

Kodi Augustus- 11 pts, 11 Rbs, 2 Asst
Dee Bost- 14 pts, 5 Asst
Ravern Johnson- 8 pts, 2 Rbs
Riley Benock- 8 pts, 5 Rbs
Wendell Lewis- 10 pts, 5 Rbs, 2 Blk

Is this the beginning of the end for Stansbury?

Tobias Singleton Commits to Ole Miss & My Opinions on the Recruits
Ok guys, here's where I'll warn yall not to make too much out of this year's recruiting class and all of the de-commits. That is, even when we have players doing just that and heading to Oxford instead of Starkville. As yall know, Tobias Singleton made his choice to go to TSUN this weekend, after leaning towards State for some time. He did make the gesture as if he was going to grab the MSU hat, but quickly reached for the OM hat and solidified his decision. Singleton is a Madison Central product, and his de-commit from MSU has resulted in his high school teammate Joe Price- deciding  to re-open his recruitment on Saturday. Price is just a 2 Star RB, but losing a recruit's commitment is never something to be desired. Here's what I think about Singleton, Price, and Nick Brassell who I expect to sign with TSUN.

(1) Singleton
shared that he was somewhat worried or 'scared' of State's strong roster of young WRs, and that apparently played a role in his decision to attend OM. But, former UCLA WR's coach Scott Lindsey, was recruiting Singleton out west and was just hired by TSUN. Not only that, but Lindsey was let fired by UCLA for not just under-performing, but recruiting violations as well. This smells really bad, and might just end up better for State in the long run anyway.
(2) Price needs to realize that he doesn't have the power or sway that a 4 or 5 Star player has. Second tier schools will come knock on his door, just like Memphis and Louisiana, but no major players will. If he wants an offense that will fit his strength, which is speed, he needs to come to MSU. TSUN will try and reel him in just to tick off State fans, but in all honesty they don't need him due to their solid backfield. His recruitment seems like a bigger deal than it is because of Singleton. Tobias is the bigger recruit and the fact that this had the feel of a packaged deal, appears to magnify the issue. Price will either come around and realize that he needs to take what he can get, or he'll end up at Louisiana or Nutt's "over-signed" list.
(3) Brassell will end up at TSUN. But, if he's smart, he'll stick with State. South Panola kids that attend OM and never get out of the atmopshere they grew up in-in Batesville, have a major tendency to not make the grade off the field in Oxford. Pat Patterson and Tig Barksdale are the 2 most recent examples. I'm not throwing all kids from Panola that sign with TSUN into the mix, I'm just sayin, there sure does seem to be a lot of off-field and academic issues with players from SP.

* I have a feeling that Nutt is telling these kids that State is destined to get in trouble over the Cam Newton scandal. I have no evidence to support that, but I think it's something like that. Either that or he is flat out paying these kids. Why would you choose TSUN right now over MSU?
*My last point on all this, is that as State fans, do not freak out. State has a ton of players that got redshirted this season, that will contribute next season. Not to mention the amount of Freshmen that pitched in this season and will only get better (I.E., Perkins, Whitley, Sanders, etc.)
*Let's focus on getting Johnson and Whitehead, and possibly pulling Joe Morrow back in and we'll be ok.

Anyway, your thoughts on the Basketball Team?

Your thoughts on the Recruiting Issues?

Who yall pulling for in the Nat'l Championship Game tonight? Go Ducks!!! Yall know how I feel about Auburn, and this is one case where I can't pull for the SEC. TSUN might as well be playing. I'm interested to see what uniforms Oregon will pull out tonight? I get to see my Heisman one more time in action tonight so I'm happy (LaMichael James).

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